Community EnGAGEMENT

This Summer, Children and Youth Dance Theatre as partnered with The Tiny Carpenter (Non Profit) and the Jane Finch Mall to help bring awareness for the growing need for fine arts education.

The Tiny Carpenter was a Summer Company project funded by the Ministry of Economic Development in 2016. The aim was to teach character and leadership development and bring fine arts dance education to youth in under serviced areas.

CYDT will be partnering with TC and the Jane Finch Mall to do a few promo days at the Jane Finch Mall this Summer and will be doing giveaways and special offers for the Summer 2019 Program.

Stay tuned for more news on this exciting Brand Partnership!


Our fund campaign

The Children and Youth Dance Theatre has been an pinnacle to the art form. By providing quality education in West African and Caribbean dance, Jazz, Hip hop, Ballet and Lyrical, CYDT is a catalyst in changing the portrayal and representation of youth within the fine arts.

Join us as we launch our Annual Fund campaign to maintain quality excellence, the maintenance of our facility and providing scholarships for deserving students.


Scholarships 2019/2020

Over the years, Children and Youth Dance Theatre has offered subsidies for students to continue their dance education.

Moving forward with this vision, it is our mandate to ensure that students maintain a standard of integrity regarding appreciation of the generous gifts of our donors, as well as maintaining studio policies of ensuring that character development remains at the forefront of continuous learning. Scholarships will be assessed based on commitment and given at the end of each school year for the following year’s tuition.